Linux aficionado at heart. Got started in Linux in mid 90’s on a distro that was billed as ‘Plug and Play’ entitled Yggdrasil. Unfortunately, it was the furthest from that description as you could get - more like Plug and ‘Pray’. I spent some time in the SunOS world in Sun Sparc hardware, but during these early years spent most of my time in Windows and/or IBM OS/2

Former Novell Administrator, and currently a Network and Telecom Admin and Technician (Cisco primarily but familiar with many other vendors network and telephony platforms). Also deep in the VMware works as a VMware Certified Professional (taught VMware course material for the US Navy for many years).

In the mid 2000’s, while working in a local Government role, for back into Linux in earnest. Ran various distributions as hosts for IP PBX (Asterisk) systems and for network monitoring systems (OpenNMS, Cacti, etc.).

Today I work as a DOD Defense Contractor in Japan. Involved in various IT Projects from build out of new facility comm rooms to smart meters. Linux still a big part of my life, but mostly for home grown projects and resources hosted on the internet.

Things have come a long way since the 80’s when I got started with my Tandy Color Computer II and my 300 baud modem where I ran a customized dial-in BBS.