Willing to do pro bono Website Development

I’m trying to get started as a freelance web developer and, as a start, I’m willing to do the work pro bono for a limited time (maybe until January). I’ll admit I’m doing this to build a portfolio as I have nothing to show for but I’m committed to treating the work as a real project (following due process, setting expectations, setting a deadline, etc.).

The type of websites I’m willing to work on are simple static websites and landing pages, in other words no backend.

p.s. I’m not sure if this type of job seeking post is allowed and I’ll be fine with it if it ends up getting removed.


This type’s always welcome and godspeed.

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Nothing wrong with doing it free for portfolio; someone wise once said that if you’re doing it free then it has to be your best work, otherwise what is the point.

Great thinking :+1:

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