Why This New ThinkPad Is My Favorite Linux Laptop

Well, the new Fedora-powered ThinkPad P53 laptop has spoiled me – and this MIGHT be the end of my love affair with my System76 Oryx Pro. Here’s a video about giving a Linux distro another chance, being totally spoiled by amazing hardware, and the beauty of combining nature with tech!

Shot on the beaches of Premantura, Croatia.


Welcome back Jason, we missed your tech enthusiasm.

Hello Jason, I’m a Lenovo rep and request that you send back this laptop immediately. Please send it to my private information I’ve provided in a separate email. :wink:


I’m typing this commend from a Lenovo B590 laptop that I’ve actually been using for a decade (yes, actually ten years, since 2010), which is crazy. I’ve upgraded the RAM and put in an SSD, and had to get the screen replaced because I dropped it, but other than that It’s been a rock solid reliable machine. It initially ran Windows 7, I upgraded it to Windows 8, which I hated and subsequently switched to Linux. Now, It has Windows 10 on it, just in case I need it, and because I have a custom built desktop and Entroware Apollo laptop that both run Linux.

I know I rambled on a bit here, but my point is it seems Lenovo’s still got it, 'cause that looks like another 10 year machine at least.

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I love my Thinkpad e595. Of course, I would like to have a backlit keyboard ( they do make one as a $60 option ). And, more than 4 cores would not be unwelcome.

I just love the modular design of the system. Replaceable memory, replaceable battery, M2 slot + 2 HDD bays, USB-C power charging, etc.

Oh, and it’s powered by Ryzen !!!

Nice try sir, very nice try.

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I look very forward to the day when I can talk about using a laptop for an entire decade!


Yep, I think my next laptop upgrade will be a ThinkPad. My current laptop is OLD, so ya.

Welcome Home. To Fedora. It’s a great distro. I think you will enjoy it.

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I really have been, and honestly wasn’t expecting to!