Why doesn't Debian use the "Fish Cake" emoji way more often? 🍥

Apparently I’m the first person to notice this??


Very easily becomes:


Added bonus: going down from 3 syllables to only 2. :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you think?


I dont think Debby and Ian would approve. :rofl:

Also the fanatics, think of the outrage from the fanatics!

Love the emoji though.

I don’t think Deb and Ian are together anymore. Wikipedia refers to Ian’s “girlfriend at the time.”

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Fish Cake Linux. I dig it. Needs its own window manager, Ramenu.


That’s because the wiki is on the same update schedule as Debian is. I can only assume they’ve been married for 20+ years, have 3 kids in college and are nearly retired by now.



I was talking about Wikipedia, though, not the Debian wiki.

So for all we know, the “Deb” in Debian might not even be a user of Debian Linux today? That would sure be ironic. All those packages whose filename ends in “.deb” just being pretty much completely arbitrary? Is she even aware of the honor being bestowed on her as all those .deb packages get installed everywhere, on all those Debian, Ubuntu, PopOS, Elementary OS, etc, desktops, laptops, and servers?

Furthermore, Ian has passed away!

Maybe “fishcake” Debian would become a much bigger hit in Japan, as I think that emoji originated as a Japanese cultural thing.

Turns out they were married and actually had 3 kids. The more you know!


Well, looks like Ian dodged a bullet! That could have been quite awkward if things had gone otherwise. :rofl:

Well, Debian could keep the name (saving about 100,000 hours of labor), but just start using the :fish_cake: emoji everywhere, like on their websites, documentation, boot-up splash screens, etc.

Like nobody ever mentions “Fish Cake”, but just goes wild with that emoji.

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