Which CPU to buy, Ryzen 2700x or 3600x?

Ooooh fancy. Unfortunately nothing here in the States. I’m holding off until late November, they usually have sales/deals/discounts to launch the holiday shopping season.

But thanks for the heads up

Yeah Samsung is really good (top of the line I think); but its too overpriced for performance most people aren’t going to see.

Here’s a youtube channel I really like (one of the most sincere tech reviewers I feel), and he walks you through several nvmes. My takeaway is that while Samsung is the best, it’s also 2x the cost of drives whose performance lags aren’t noticeable.

There are some good options in there that are around 50% the cost of Samsungs.

It is true that Samsungs drives is a bit expensive. Though they are quality products. I have not had a single samsung SSD fail me ever. Consider that before you purchase friend. Price is not everything :slight_smile: