What's your favorite escapist title?

No doubt many of us are reaching new heights of boredom with the global stay-at-home orders. I’ve personally been filling some of my time delving back into The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind using the OpenMW engine. It’s one of my favorite “get lost in another world and help destress from my own for a while” games.

What titles do you all enjoy that offer a little bit of unreality you can jump into for hours at a time?

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I haven’t gamed in quite a while (my picks will clearly show that) but I remember my faves being …

SimCity 4
Rollercoaster Tycoon, I wanna say 3?
And Baldur’s Gate 2

Forget that last one… how could I forget Civilization 3!

I still spin up Rolercoaster Tycoon (the original). Awesome sandbox game.

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I’ve been getting lost in stellaris and Skyrim for the most part. Minecraft with the family is always a good time.

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Currently wasted a good portion my last few months to RimWorld. I like that it generates drama and story on its own.

I also enjoyed DeadCells that I thoroughly 100% the Steam Achievements on it. With cheating via save scumming of course, I am not that competent in playing difficult games.

Maybe now is not the right time to suggest this but I highly recommend the tv series “12 monkeys”. Best tv show I’ve ever watched.

I’m finally going through X-Com 2 on PS4 :innocent:

for me those are Skyrim and Half Life 1 (or the wonderful remake, Black Mesa)

and I am not bored yet, I still spend more time learning Python then I spend gaming
although it is only 6th day here, I am not in US