What VPN do you use?

PIA, mainly because I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it, plus I got it with a discount from LinusTechTips, IIRC. And I’m paying CAD $80 every 2 years.

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I also use and recommend ProtonVPN. I already use ProtonMail. I like that they have their servers in Switzerland, too.


OK, so far I tried ProtonVPN Free. I tried Mullvad and i tried Windscribe. Unfortunately My thoughts are not final. But i do not like them at this time. I tried ProtonVPN Free and it wasn’t doing what i wanted it to do. I also do not like it not having GUI app. Mullvad VPN did not even connect for me. so i do not like it. Windscribe didn’t work also. I’m more of a GUI app look guy. I don’t like CLI in regrades to using apps. Personally i could live with it but GUI would be best experience i think. The other thing is why it wasn’t working for me is i do not think full features where in Free and i had to buy premuim. Which i would have liked to see if it worked first without paying. But either way i would want GUI app with it in Linux.

Thanks Everybody. I’m still watching this post :smiley:
Keeping :eyes: on ProtonVPN

I came across this today and it completely nails the hypocrisy of the major VPN providers. Apologies if you don’t appreciate the sarcastic humor but I find it deliciously biting. TLDR - most major VPN providers are owned marketing companies that employ the same scummy tracking tactics that they purport to aid in blocking. Why am I not surprised?

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That was Funny :joy::joy::joy: So i take it PIA is the best one since there less tracking.

Well - since PIA was just bought out - I’m not sure of what that will mean for them…

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Just checked on PrivateVPN, which I’m using now and it has the classic stuffs as the others in the article… My subscription ends in less than a month and I think I’m going to test something else :man_shrugging:

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