What distro are you running?

I should update following a change.

Fedora 35 - gnome - 2700X 5700XT 32GB
Fedora 35 - gnome - 4700U vega 64GB
Open Suse Tumbleweed - gnome - 3500U vega 8GB
Fedora 35 - xfce - Pentium 4 Core igpu 2GB

This last one barely functions, considering hopping back to Ubuntu Mate which I remember being faster.

I went back a bit on Ubuntu Budgie to see what’s new and how it fares on the gaming laptop I didn’t have the last time I ran Budgie. It’s all nice and easy even if Zorin will remain my daily driver for now. Might not stay that way for long, I really like the customization of Budgie.

Went through a long stretch when I was more happy playing with Linux on my old laptop and did not have to muck around with uefi.

So much practice playing around with MBR partitions. And did not know what I was doing under the new rules.

The documentation on the internet still seems to be all over the place. Some of the more straight forward guides that I have found are mostly out of date, or the distros have moved on. Starting to get the hang of it.

Looks like I am back to Manjaro.

Am steering away from Ubuntu distros for now because I do not like what they are doing with Snaps and would prefer not to have to rely on Flatpak either if I am honest. Will use them for the odd app but prefer my base to be solid. I do miss Solus and was tempted to try Gecko which is based on SUSE, but have installed the Budgie spin of Manjaro. And content for now. It gives me some of what I miss from Solus with a larger repository.

Couple months later, I dropped Budgie and Zorin as I had strange stuff happening with both. I know I could have hold on and tried to figure things out but DHS kicked in and I wanted to try out the new POP OS. I still very much like POP and I’ll make it my daily driver for the next months at least.

On another partition I installed Garuda Dragonized which looks very nice and complete. Never dug deep on an Arch install so between that and the overwhelming options of KDE, it will be some time before getting at ease with it :sweat_smile:

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What distro are you running?
Manjaro KDE on my main desktop PC.
Stock Arch with XFCE on my laptop.
Raspbian on 2 Raspberry Pi’s.

How long have you been using it?
Manjaro KDE has been running for 2 months on this new PC since it was built and maybe 1 1/2 years on the previous desktop (still installed but the machine is unused at the moment).
Arch has been running on the laptop for nearly 3 years now.
Raspbian has been running for over a year now on both Pi’s.

Do you plan to stick with it?
No plans to change the desktop or laptop.
One Pi 3 will be left as it is, the other is getting played around with at some point…maybe a RetroPie or media centre focused OS.

I popped into the Live stream chat a couple nights ago and chatted with @MichaelTunnell and others there. After expressing my Fedora FOMO, I went ahead and took the plunge.

I’m now on Fedora KDE spin, and I’ve installed the OpenCL portion of AMD’s proprietary drivers so that I can use HIP to render in Blender using my AMD card.

Thanks for all the advice, and for recommending the fantastic Fedora community!

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I should update following further changes.

Fedora 36 - gnome - 5900X 5700XT 32GB
Fedora 36 - gnome - 4700U vega 64GB
Fedora 36 - gnome - 3500U vega 8GB
Ubuntu Mate - Pentium, 4 Core igpu 2GB