What distro are you running?

I use gentoo and i just installed it yesterday and plan to maintain it for as long as possible

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I use Ubuntu 20.04 on my main PC. Its a slightly older system 76 that shipped before pop existed and its been really stable so why bother with a good thing for now. I also run lubuntu 14.04 on an old compaq i have laying around and fedora 34 lxqt on a netbook i got for free. The fedora netbook uses i3 under lxqt. I have a core i3 2500 im using as an overkill pfsense box but part of me wants to downgrade and put something more “exotic” on there.

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Currently pop_os and mint.

Cleared off all my 4 installs and went simply with Win10 and EndeavourOS.

Itching to re-install Pop ATM though, so probably back to triple booting soon :joy:

After years of distro hopping I stuck with Nitrux OS. I love the interface and as a graphic designer I love the fact that a fellow graphic designer designed this OS and I really love everything he has done/implemented in this release. Its updated regularly and it runs smoothly.

While I was using Pop OS since January 2021 I continued to try some distros over the months. I kept coming back to Pop but recently I tried the last version of Zorin OS and it’s been a little better here and there than Pop.
Everything I need is working perfectly, I like the looks a lot and it’s been rock solid. Nvidia drivers were available in the install, some don’t like that but to me it’s a big plus. Lots of software though so I removed quite some that I know I won’t use or prefer something else.
I’m going to continue on Zorin for the coming weeks while I keep the Pop OS partition in case of

I’ve been on Fedora with KDE for the last several months, lots of things to like, but I’m tempted to switch to Manjaro or EndeavourOS just because rolling is less hassle when updating.

I recently distro-hopped and ended up on Garuda.

Very interesting distro. So far, I really like it. This one might be a keeper.

I recently switched from Kubuntu to Manjaro. I’ve been thinking about it for a while because I wanted the newer version of KDE Plasma…

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Currently I switched over to Fedora 34 Plasma. Plasma has finally won me over!

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Still slacking on one machine. Look at the uptime.

Uptime is almost as impressive as using 5.6G of ram just running a browser, telegram and a terminal haha! Seriously though, I’ve got to try slackware soon.

You only see the third workspace. Actually the whole system is running not only Telegram and a browser (with 25 tabs open) but a lot more programs on the first workspace. Thunar, more terminals, Standard Notes, JDownloader (this one is a resource hog), Galculator, a music player, Catfish and an RSS reader. :wink:

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Love it! When I did Windoze support, the first question you’d always ask is “How long has it been since the system was rebooted?” Meanwhile I was tending to servers running Linux and HP-UX and their uptime was like 200+ or 300+ days.


I recently built my new gaming PC, and decided to go with Kubuntu. I thought there was a driver issue with it, because my PC kept crashing and rebooting, so it has Pop!_OS’s repo (and I have to make sure that Pop Shell doesn’t install at all). That didn’t help. Turns out it was a defective hardware. Now, it’s running like a champ.

I also have a Windows VM setup with 12 threads + GTX 1060 via VFIO for Halo: Infinite, Halo: MCC, & other games with anti-cheat and not working on Linux, and for my iPhone sync. I was playing Apex Legends there, too until they enabled EAC on Linux (thanks Respawn).

And I got other VMs, too like KDE Neon Unstable (with GTX 1060 passed through), Lubuntu (devel branch), Ubuntu Unity, etc. (I have lots of storage, and planning on adding more).


Beast of a machine

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Picked up a new machine, found an ok deal on something with an actually usable graphics card so I went for it. Manjaro on it

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I run Ubuntu since 1-1-11, the date I retired. Currently I use a minimal install of Ubuntu 21.10 as Host OS for the following main VMs:

  • Xubuntu 20.04 for all communication Apps;;
  • Ubuntu Studio 20.04 for multi media;
  • Ubuntu 20.04 for try outs;
  • Windows 11 Pro; just in case
  • Ubuntu 16.04 ESM for banking, just caught during a kernel update.

Note that Ubuntu 16.04 is running updates at the same time as Windows 10, while Windows XP is playing music. All at the same time on my 16GB Ryzen 3 2200G :slight_smile:

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Every time I see your screenshot I want to install conky lol