Webcamoid, The Best Webcam App For The Linux Desktop

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One of the areas of the Linux Desktop that has left me with just a bit of disappointment is the available application options for the web camera. Sure, there are some decent options out there but my issue is that, there hasn’t been anything as intuitive as what one would experience on the mobile platforms.…

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I wish we could use our phones as a temporary webcam. I think I saw an IP cam app over on FDroid but I cant seem to make it work.

Others were just 2 years old (IPCam Demo), others had closed source/proprietary source within their code (SpyDroid).

I use Droidcam. The Android app isn’t open source as far as I know but the desktop client is.

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I would love to explore that. Thank you for sharing! I have heard of people using it and now that interests me. Thank you!

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I’m not exactly sure of your desired result of the webcam. If you are not looking for real-time streaming, perhaps the one to try is Haven. Haven can be setup to trigger on light changes, motion, sound, vibration (accelerometer) – even power changes – and records data, sound and video to the local device. It can then be setup to send alerts through Signal. Plus, it can be setup on old or throwaway phones.