Wacom drawing tablets discovered reporting the name of every application opened

If anyone missed this, Wacom snuck broad telemetry consent including recording every application run on the machine inside what at first glance looks like a boilerplate privacy policy agreement.


The kind of information UK police are seemingly interested in :stuck_out_tongue:

TWinL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xeZ62RauTs&t=1617s

I tried installing the software to see if this was still a thing but I can’t make it to the agreement unless I have their tablet. The analytics kill switch site is returning 404 at the time of posting.


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Thanks for sharing this. This is the kind of information that we need to get out to the public. Also, we need some type of law(s) restricting an application to it’s own territory, so to speak. This is a violation of privacy.