Topics Noah Really Needs to Consider Covering:

Let’s get a list here of topics of interest that @kernellinux could consider covering:

1.) What is ‘mesh’ networking?

2.) What is a VLAN, and how does it work? How could one set up a VLAN on their home network to play with?

3.) What router settings should be changed as soon as you plug it in. Why should one consider purchasing their own router instead of using the one provided by the ISP? Does an ISP router typically have settings that cannot be modified or backdoors?

4.) If a software giant took open source code and slapped a pretty UI on it, standardized its support of it, and tried to sell it, would the original project be in jeopardy, or does the open-source nature of the project protect it in that users could always say, “Why would I pay money for that when I could just use this open-source option for free?”

etc. etc.


Great idea… I’m curious about mesh networking and VLANs myself.


I’d actually rather spend money on open source, freedom respecting software than proprietary stuff with a fancy whizz-bang GUI. I know most non-technical people don’t share those ideals, but I’d say there’s enough of us to support the projects that matter to us.

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He does often cover “setting up a VLAN that is internet-only”. I do want that for my Win10 work computer. It’d be great to keep it off my ‘real’ network.

I agree about the support of open source. But it’s free (cost) nature tends to be its own protection from companies that might pirate code, or even a brilliant idea, and try to eclipse the project with a commercial version. (If that makes sense) Its has been viewed as a weakness of open-code, but yet I feel like its also its greatest strength and its own protection.