This Week in Linux 112: LibreOffice 7.0, Ubuntu 20.04.1, elementary OS 6, Kdenlive, Mageia 8 & More

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Peak beard.

Leonidas of Linux.

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Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - very interesting episode, as usual! I’m most excited about LibreOffice 7.0 - can’t wait to try flatpak when it’s released though I tend to wait for the .1 release at least for everyday use.

Given all the new software you often describe, Michael, I’m thinking mid-term plan for when I finally get my head around LFS (waiting for September release) the next system I’m likely to try might be Debian Sid. If I get even more adventurous I might look at Arch (@dasgeek !) and/or Gentoo.

Currently I don’t use social media at all, for privacy reasons. I may start with mastadon :slight_smile:

Also I finally remembered to buy my Kindle books using your affiliate link :+1:

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