This video is a rallying cry for Linux gamers

And NEEDS to be shared with Windows gamers!


It’s a great video and display of the possibilities on Linux, but companies are becoming more and more hostile towards Linux Gamers using compatibility layers. EA is banning anyone who uses DXVK on to run their games, Epic is removing support for games that previously ran on Linux. The Anti-cheat issues also go into this. In my honest opinion, until Developers and Publishers support Linux gaming, the only way to play games reliably on Linux is through Virtualization. It’s sad but it must be said.

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As much of what you are saying is true, the fact that gaming on Linux has come this far is also a fact. Who knows what the future will hold? With support from the community of gamers, attention may follow from developers of AAA games, which may provide more support down the road. With Microsoft edging further away from desktop focus, there’s no reason not to try to adopt gamers into our community. It’s a bit of a hopeful statement, but there’s nothing wrong with showing the world what Linux is capable of on the desktop.

We are having this conversation now because it’s possible. We can help open the eyes of our fellow other-os users - one step at a time.


I’d love to see open source games enter the stage here.

The fact is that as more and more users turn to Linux the market will change. Someone will see an opportunity and so the market will change.

Keep up the videos, keep posting on forums, and keep converting users. It will eventually happen.


The way the Gaming Industry sees it, They cater to an audience of Pre-Teen to early 20’s as their core audience. Yes gaming today has a larger market, but the majority of hardcore gamers are in this demographic. Evangelizing Linux to that group is much harder than to some one of a different demographic who needs to use their PC’s for more than just gaming. In my opinion that’s a harder sell.

A casul gamer who also uses their PC for productivity is usually more receptive to switching Platforms because of the Virus threats, and ease to move with compatibility of applications, that’s not the case for games.

Now, with all that being said, Google running it’s Stadia infrastructure on Vulcan and Linux, that could offer a way in for gaming on Linux. But until then, I just don’t see it.

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