The Linux desktop in VR

That I know of there’s only been one solution designed to render the Linux desktop in VR (not just Steam games) by Collabora called XRDesktop.


TWinL 103:

That number now becomes 2… the company Immersed has produced a VR app that can render the desktops on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Immersed VR

The caveats are unlike XRDesktop it only works on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Go but more HMDs are planned.

Only Ubuntu is supported but it’s packaged as an appimage so it may work elsewhere.

It doesn’t appear to adhere to software freedom and while the app is free for 2 monitors, there’s a pricing structure to unlock additional features like up to 5 monitors.

Though I haven’t tried XRDesktop yet (because I lack a HMD), Immersed’s software shows every sign of being far more user friendly and easy to set up. In part because XRDesktop is in alpha.

You can’t use an Oculus without a Facebook account as of Oct 2020

That said, I am VERY excited to see Linux desktop VR broadening and this is a promising sign for things to come. Thank you to Immersed for supporting Linux.


Safespaces is another Linux VR desktop project designed by Arcan for the Arcan display server (an alternative to XOrg).

The project is being actively developed but there’s a ways to go:

“This setup is still in its infancy, and the work so far has highlighted a few sharp corners that will need sanding” …


Git Repo:

“Simula is a VR window manager for Linux that runs on top of Godot. It takes less than 1 minute to install.”

“Compatibility: Simula is officially compatible with SteamVR headsets equipped with Linux drivers (e.g. HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, & Valve Index). We have also added experimental support to OpenXR headsets that have Monado drivers (e.g. North Star, OSVR HDK, and PSVR). Some people have gotten the Oculus Rift S to run Simula via OpenHMD (see here), though we have not officially tested this ourselves.”

GitHub - SimulaVR/Simula: Linux VR Desktop

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