Software for creating Family Tree

I want to create Family Tree and I’m looking for good software that would allow it.

Functionality I need:

  • Creating a graph of connections between members
  • Entering information about members in associated fields (name, birth date, …)
  • Page for each member where I could add additional text (mini biography) and photos

anyone knows what could I use?

I remember Noah had discussed this in one of his episodes. But I cant seem to find the specific one.

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I believe it was called GRAMPS.


Yes DannyBoy is right it’s Gramps you’re looking for -

Website -

Discussion forum -


Gramps is really something, and you can import a common file format used by Family Tree Maker and available from, GEDCOM. If you have someone that already uses those tools, you can have them export a GEDCOM file and then you can import it so you don’t have to start from scratch building your family tree if someone else has done some of the work using proprietary tools.