So, What Can I Do With This?

Information is in the picture. I have a Dell Inspiron 3670 that had Intel Optane Memory. I run Linux Mint 20. Could I use this for something or is it not worth the trouble?

Oh, and it’s not dual boot. Only has LM 20 on the puter. :smile:

Use it for disk caching!

Or use it to dual boot LM 20.1 for beta testing and help us all out!

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Minecraft server? Kodibox? Other suggestions anybody?

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Add a USB hard drive and set it up as a network backup / home repo.

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Anyone know if I can use the Rapid Storage Technology RAID system on Linux? Would it be possible?

To answer your question: yes, you can.
I came up with this:

Hope it helps.
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Ooh Optane, perfect for a swap partition. That’s what I would use it for. Ready fast suspend and resume.