Signal is cracked, claims Cellebrite

According to this post, it is. And if you have the money, you can buy the product too.
Quote:“The company noted in the deleted blog post that “because [Signal] encrypts virtually all its metadata to protect its users, efforts have been put forward by legal authorities to require developers of encrypted software to enable a ‘backdoor’ that makes it possible for them to access people’s data.”


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The privacy community seems to be not on fire.


The “product” seems to be a part of Celebrite’s Physical Analyzer. If someone else has physical access to your device, be it an Apple phone or an Android phone, it shouldnt take long to either dump the entire cellphone contents and either brute force the PIN (usually 6 digits) or use some unpublished zero day exploit within the OS to force it open. Which opens up the Signal app as if the user has access to it.

Why go through the bother of defeating the steel door that is Signal when the OS is a termite infested wooden wall. That doesnt necessarily mean that the underlying encryption of Signal is compromised.


Here’s the official response to this story from Signal themselves: