Running osX as a VM

I am sorry this is my first post, but …

I work in health care and am being required to work from home.
Does anyone have success running macOS in a vm? Hypothetically.
And If yes, how functional is it?
Can you use usb attached devices? Can you sync data from vm to attached devices? Hypothetically.

Thank you, and again, I am sorry this is my first post but this is a crazy time in the hospital setting right now.

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I would advise against running a hackintosh, especially if you do not own an Apple device with MacOS in it. The OS itself is “free” as in they do not charge a fee for you get a copy.

With that said: Enjoy

It’s a ROYAL pain in the arse. I’ve only successfully run macOS in a vm on Intel based machines. I’ve also got an intel nuc from 2018 that I successfully turned into a hackintosh but put Linux back on it after a few weeks.

The only things that didn’t work were ‘find my mac’, airdrop and wifi/bluetooth.

There is a snap package for this, that Alan Pope made over on

Forget the name, but I’ll chime back when I find it.

Sosumi is the name.


What version of macOS are you trying to run in a VM?

It’s called Sosumi ?!

Absolutely brilliant Mr. Pope.

Since the Mrs. is running High Sierra, I imagine the easiest, hypothetically, would be that or Catalina.
I have done some research regarding this and I believe I am aware of the prep work needed to get the drg (?) to an iso.
I have just not come across anyone posting their experience. Successes and/or failures. Hypothetically.

Good one @vskye

@MehGyver this install guide might be useful, never used it myself though:

Sosumi seems like a great suggestion but, if it does not work for you like you want, let me know. My better half has a spare Mac and I could help troubleshoot a different solution if you need.

Not to take away from @popey’s cleverness - but “Sosumi” is a reference to a Mac OS System 7 sound file created in response to Apple Corps’ edict that Apple Computer not make any music or risk trademark infringement. It may be a bit of a deep cut these days. Still clever, but credit where credit’s due.

edit - Haha. So to paraphrase Mr. Pope, “that’s the joke.” Guess I went all Comic Book Guy there for a second.

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That’s exactly why the name for the snap was chosen.


I sort of remember that thing with The Beatles’ publisher. To side track the conversation a bit, was there a problem when they launched iTunes and/or Apple Music?

Yep, there was a problem.

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So, The name Sosumi is potentially a taunt, and mocking Apple for a failure?

(Standing ovation) Bravo, Mister Pope, Bravo!

Thank you all for the suggestions.
Thank you charlesDelaware for the hands on troubleshooting offer, may take you up on that someday.

By blind luck found one of our brethren in my hospitals IT department. He directed me to an FTP server where there was a deb package for the one and only piece of software I needed.

I love this community!

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