RockPro64 OS that works with HDMI?

Device: RockPro64
Storage: 16GB eMMC module
Output: HDMI

I’ve tried installing Debian via the guide below twice, the installer boots on the RockPro64 and works all the way through, first time I did a minimum possible install, second time I tried XFCE. On both occasions the RockPro64 would no longer post anything to the HDMI display after reboot (I tried power cycling, plug unplug, ect).

I also tried booting an older version of Manjaro that I remember working with an eDP connector but not HDMI. Sadly I don’t currently have an eDP display.

Does anyone know of a modification or OS that works with the RockPro64 using HDMI? Can’t seem to find much in search.

Is your monitor ground connection properly connected?

I have had this particular issue before and I have discovered that the HDMI works only if the monitor’s ground connection is properly connected to the ground.

I cant use my RockPro64 right now because my current residence does not have a proper ground connection and I am too lazy to get a wire and drive a metal rod to the ground.

The HDMI’s working on my RockPro64 but only during Debian’s installation. I’m not sure if a grounding problem would still apply?

I did a quick grounding test on the C13 connector that powers the monitor, it’s showing proper ground.

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Pretty sure we (at Manjaro ARM) have working HDMI.


@Strit !! <3

I was literally thinking about you when I made this thread.

I was in a complicated situation were I left my laptop at the office over the weekend and was attempting to use my Pinephone to set up the RockPro64 for a much better computing experience. I was sort of desperately hoping for an “easy” answer because the Pinephone doesn’t lend well to a lot of research in a lot of tabs.

I’ll give Manjaro a go as soon as I have some free time. Thank you!

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I might be wrong as I haven’t tested it in a while, but I think the HDMI port does not support higher than 1080p screens. Just so you know.