ProtonVPN just released their 2.0 client for Linux

ProtonVPN just released their 2.0 client for Linux.

See the 2018 first version here for comparison:

It now includes a “Kill Switch” which cuts your connection if you disconnect from the VPN preventing IP and DNS query leaks.

It also now includes “Split Tunneling” so you can have specified IPs not use the VPN tunnel.

Plus various security upgrades and streamlining.


Cool I guess. But do I use the “Import Open VPN” Function in the network manager to get my VPN up for devices that is not my main pc.

I have a pfsense box routing all traffic to ProtonVPN so there is no actual need for a kill switch. The connection just doesnt work if the VPN server is down.

Similar here i’m using it through OpenWRT, it’s just way better using it on a router level.

Excluding velcro that router can’t go with you though, it’s nice to have a good client for the laptop.

You can also do a poor man’s SecureCore by double-stuffing your connection :stuck_out_tongue: