Prompt access to the shows via DLN discourse, please?

@MichaelTunnell Thanks, Michael for your feedback and for all the hard work you and other members of the team are doing behind the scenes which we will see later. Look forward to seeing you all on the forums when you are able :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome and thanks for putting this issue at the forefront of my attention. I have now completed something really cool. :smiley:

I have setup an integration for this DLN Discourse forum with both and so now new threads will be automatically posted to the forum. The threads will automatically be posted when a new episode of DL and TWinL are published as well as when I make new videos on the TuxDigital channel. I am also working on more integration with other pieces of the network.

The coolest thing though, is that and also have an integration in the other direction so replies to the episode threads will now display as comments on the official website posts. :smiley: . . . and I have linked all the existing threads with existing episodes. :sunglasses:




@MichaelTunnell That’s fantastic - I was wondering if automation might be possible to reduce the work you all had for linking in all the shows to all of the forums :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since I did any web development myself, though my guess is this would have been coded in Javascript rather than PHP, but maybe you’re talking between servers so it’s PHP…?

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I already had automation setup for some stuff but I wanted to do deeper integration for DL and TWinL because they had pre-existing sites. That’s what I did today.

The integration is using PHP and JavaScript as well as other stuff. Discourse has an API that you can integrate with WordPress and that’s what makes this integration possible.

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@MichaelTunnell Thanks for the response Michael. I know you guys have been busy, just hoping to see you all around here a bit more :wink::+1:

I’d love for the DLN forums to be a success, as I think we have the beginnings of a fantastic community here and I wouldn’t want to see it wither away.


I hope to do that more as well and I’d say the forum is guaranteed to be a success, just a matter of when. :sunglasses::+1:

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@MichaelTunnell Thanks for the informative technical response. I guessed discourse would have had an API for this and guessing TWinL and Destination sites are based on WordPress which seems to have come a long way forward as some years back Drupal seemed to be looking to become dominant, but I don’t think Drupal achieved that.

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@ak2020 Drupal was the developer’s ideal CMS but it was always too complicated for average users. WordPress was always super simple for users but limited in function (their plugin system is still poorly structured). Joomla was like the perfect mix of developer power and user friendly usage, however it never took off for some reason . . . probably because they were stuck on the same major branch for so long that WordPress just had a head start.

WordPress is now absurdly dominant with around 30% of the internet using WordPress to power their sites. This is rather shocking but also makes sense considering an average user can load up a wordpress site very easily with their hosted approach, something Joomla still doesn’t do.

I think WordPress has such a huge lead right now that basically nothing can catch it without a huge mistake by WP or another CMS realizes the way they need to move forward for marketing and structure very fast.

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@Sar What specifically are you looking for? Should it not be us, the community, posting the majority of the content.


@ak2020’s comment is good example of constructive criticism and this isn’t a dog pile on anyone else, I just need to get this off my chest.

In my previous community I had 30 minutes of casual group conversation with only one of several creators over the span of 3 years. The community was dying and it was a major pain point leaving but I was lucky to have DLN as the rescue.

I only joined DLN a few months ago and i’ve talked to Michael on Mumble for hours days on end, sometimes just one on one, we’ve also chatted a bunch on Telegram, the “That’s Incog-Neat-o!” episode got named while we were laughing about it on Mumble. The idea I couldn’t just say hi at any time doesn’t even enter my mind, he’s REDICULOUSLY accessible.

I took this screenshot at the point i’d given up on following just two of the ways he communicates with everyone. It’s not intuitive how much Michael is giving of himself till you start including everything else let alone the editing, R&D, maintenance, expansion and so on. It’s objectively ridiculous, it’s beyond a full time job.

He can’t do it alone, my opinion is he mostly shouldn’t even be here. It’s like if you were a fan of Keanu Reeves would you want him hanging out with you or making movies? Tough choice but mostly he should be making movies. From what i’ve come to understand, Destination Linux is supposed to become a hub for collaboration so unlike traditional networks we’re all immediately downstream of whatever we help him do.

Anyway… that’s how I see it. As it grows he gets more help and more time and we get it all either way.



Some activity and involvement. It’s been weeks since some of the DL hosts have had any sort of presence here and it’d be nice to see them conversing with the members of their own community and getting involved in the topics being posted. It’d be nice to get their perspective on areas of interest the community are discussing.

And of course the majority of the content would and should be posted by the members of the community, that’s a given even just from a numbers perspective :slight_smile:


@Ulfnic Thanks for your reflections. I’ve not been part of a community forum previously. One thing I wasn’t sure about is whether it might be stepping on toes of content producers to not wait for them to post links to their own content but to post them before they had a chance to themselves. As you’ve been more in-touch with Michael directly, for example, and been in forums before, I’m sure you proceeded with confidence and I appreciate what you did :slight_smile: In any case, my question certainly didn’t intend to imply not enough was being done by creators and hopefully that’s been clear :slight_smile:

Understood. I think I may have misunderstood your original post. I thought you were just looking for more content, but I see your point now.

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@Ulfnic This is a very interesting perspective and I appreciate it very much! I hadn’t thought of it that way with the amount of time I invest in various pipes, so to speak. With that said, this forum is one of the main factors of the network so I should be more interactive here and promote it as much as possible because of that . . . I will do my best to do so.

I think Ulfnic made a great point that even when we aren’t conversing here we are conversing in general such as the Telegram group and other places like YouTube comments. I try to read every forum post and every YouTube comment but theres only so much time and also commenting to everything would be a full time thing in itself.

Some people might be bothered by that happening but I am much more laid back of a person so I am not bothered by that and in fact, the opposite, I appreciate the assistance. This thread being made also brought it to my attention that I missed doing the integration thing I had planned to do. So @ak2020 thanks for doing that. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your hard and great work @MichaelTunnell! That is all I wanted to say.
I am enjoying every aspect of it.


I know :slight_smile:

I need to get more involved myself in the Telegram group, but I’ve personally always been a fan of forums because everything is much better organised and laid out in terms of threads rather than one big long spiel as with Discord & Telegram :smiley:


I agree that one giant conversation isnt ideal either. I prefer organized discussions like this forum but real time chatting is nice at times too. Overall, I do prefer the forum.


I think it would be super awesome (and a great way to integrate a community source) to put up maybe the telegram chat (or some form of way the community could integrate with the show real time) on the screen during a DLN episode.

I realize they aren’t streamed live, but maybe a portion of the show could be grabbing a current topic being discussed by the community (real time). And what better way to grab it than through one of the official communication links.

Could bring more exposure to the forums, telegram, irc, etc (depending on which one is used and adverted during the show)

I like this idea. Since I produce the notes and topics for the show each week I can post one of the topics we will cover here to get everyone’s opinion and we can discuss some of those comments during the topic on the show. That would be a pretty cool way of getting more of your voices into the show.


I’m luke warm about getting voices on the show unless they’re your peers. It’s kind of like when network news asks the opinion of “the man on the street”. It’s why I find it hard listening to Ask Noah Show because it’s like watching a Minecraft map unfold doing it’s darn best with RNG. I get the giving back aspect and a small degree of anything isn’t so bad, just sharing my thoughts on the pitfalls.

But getting an opportunity to help the show’s information gathering prior to release? That’s a BIGGGG deal. Even on semi-decided topics ask a herd big enough and you’re sure to get someone filling in a gap or giving you an interesting point of view that might make a good show even better. From a filtered contribution perspective it’s just seriously positive.