Printer on an Arch distro

My driver is on the aur but will not be loaded and functional. I really have no idea as to where to make sure it goes. Is my noobness showing. I use a brother dcp-7060D printer. Thanks for any time or help.

I moved to the zen-kernel. you might want to try that out. it’s uber bleeding edge. and might be what you need to get certain drivers working. cheers. p.s. ppl have posted this question and might have an answer here. check it out
or try this: Change “Duplex={OFF}” to "Duplex={ON} in both /usr/share/brother/Printer/DCP7060D/inf/{brDCP7060Dfunc,brDCP7060Drc}.

I used to run Manjaro (Arch based) and like you, have a brother printer (DCP-L2550DW).

Do investigate on debtap project. It converts your .deb proprietary drivers from the Brother website to something you can run on your Arch-based distro. See this guide:

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Is it possible that your printer is part of foomatic or gutenprint? You may not need the driver from the AUR with those installed.

This is a rather basic question but, do you have the cups package installed?

It is installed by default in most of the popular distros

Not in pure Arch.