Podcast App For Linux - What's Your Favorite

“Netcasts you love, from people you trust.” :smiley:

I listen pretty much exclusively on my (android) phone and for that I use Podcast Addict

I recently got into listening to podcasts because of DLN, and I’ve found an app for android named Podcast Addict which is pretty good. Ponied up for the ad-free version as well, and have sub’d to a bunch of podcasts this morning, including DL :slight_smile:

Edit: Just noticed @david.smyth mentioned the exact same app right above me :laughing:

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I was using Castbox (and used it for a couple years), but after looking into some of the apps listed here, I have landed on Podcast Addict for the android. Also, was using Rythmbox, then tried GPodder, but now I’m on CPod for the desktop.

Great thread, love seeing what other people use!

[EDIT] (29 Oct): Switched to Pocket Casts a couple weeks ago and haven’t looked back! Great syncing across devices, features are abundant as well.

I use Pocket Casts on my phone so I just use the web ui when listening on my desktop that way it keeps everything in sync for me.

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I use Pockets casts exclusively, i have wrapped the web app to look as a desktop app. Not the most elegant solution but it works so well. And the interface is easy on the eyes.

Hands down, the best of the bunch.


I don’t use my mobile phone for padcasts any more, I don’t commute. When I did I used to use an app called DoggCatcher on the phone, and I think GPodder on my computer and move the .mp3 files (it always urked me that Android didn’t support .ogg files. These days I don’t care.

As I said up front of this thread I use QuiteRSS on my computers, I keep an exported version of the .opml file on my Google Drive and update it when I add new podcasts. I don’t suppose QuiteRSS is the best app, but it’s simple, if the embedded browser can’t handle the podcast format (looking at you all those podcasts done by Jupiter Broadcasting) it’s simple to tell it to open the external (i.e. default) browser. It works for me and I’m too lazy to go faffing around looking for “the best”… this month.

I use Nextcloud News as my RSS reader. So on my phone the podcast app is Nextcloud News. On the desktop, I use Firefox to go to Nextcloud News, once logged into Nextcloud.

I’m running Nextcloud 16 from a snap (on a VPS server), at present.

I like having my RSS feeds synced on both my phone and laptop.


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Well, since I pretty much use my phone for podcasts, I use Overcast. But sometimes when I want to try a podcast that’s hard to integrate into that, I use cmus, which is a terminal music player.

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Rats, something has changed, my QuiteRSS has stopped working on my ArcoLinux and EndeavourOS installs, I’ll check Manjaro shortly. Trying to re-install seems to only bring down the basic application but not what I remember as a whole bunch of dependencies.

Could this be related to the recent rejigging by the Arch folks? I don’t see why it should have affected QuiteRSS but unexpected and unusual side effects do happen. It’s not majour, I’m usually running in MX Linux anyway, but it is nigglingly annoying.

Follow-up : On Manjaro too, so it’s looking like an Arch thing, it used to work

The term “Zipper” would be better. Since there was no other word to describe a zipper, that word became synonymous with the device. It was a Trade Mark word. It was later ruled unenforceable due to the use of it had become too common. There are many other ways to describe the same functionality as an iPodsphere.

  • Desktop: Cantata
  • Android: AntennaPod
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I listen to podcasts a lot and I use the same one on my phone and desktop which is player.fm. They have a nice web based gui that syncs with the phone version

I use PocketCasts on mobile. I don’t really use a desktop app for podcasts. I have tried Vocal before but some podcasts don’t work in it, like our beloved Destination Linux among others. It was a known big in Vocal but I don’t think it’s been fixed yet. I’ve also tried GNOME Podcasts as well and I’ve used AntennaPod on and off on mobile also.

Someone in the telegram group, and I’m sorry but I don’t remember who it was, suggested AntennaPod on my Android phone, and it has been fantastic so far. Prior to that I was just using the Google Podcast app, and that was alright as well. I just prefer to avoid google if I can.
On the desktop I prefer my stuff to be terminal only… I have been using gpo, which is the gPodder terminal interface, but then I read about an app called “greg” and figured, I like that name. So I’m trialing that right now. Seems like it works pretty good.
No matter what I tend to wind up just playing them in MPV.

I use Liverea as a rss-reader. Most of the times the podcast opens in the browser.
So no desktop app.

I tried Pocket Casts a week or so ago because I was having some issues with Antennapod. I liked it enough to buy a subscription. The Android app is excellent and the web player is good as well. I like that they sync so I can pick up where I left off.


It is a really good solution… I bought the subscription within a few minutes of using it, hah!


How about ‘Zunecast’ then? :wink:

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