Podcast App For Linux - What's Your Favorite

Sorry, I must be having another grumpy day (it happens when you get old and miss your afternoon nap).

I’ve heard “netcast” used quite often, and for content with video it may even be a better term. For me a podcast (or netcast) is good, now if it was iPodcast, I’d object vehemently, I am very bias against the over charging, control freaks at Apple.

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The Term netcast was originally used by The Screen Savers and the Twit broadcast. Though it really doesn’t matter, but netcast does specify that it is a internet broadcast better than podcast. But it doesn’t really matter.

I have been using gpodder for so long, but at the end of this year, it will no longer be a viable app unless someone take over.

This is a area that Linux could use some help in, I don’t care to use webapps, I would rather use a desktop app.

Hey @TerryL - I think, for an american example, you are thinking of either Kleenex, which is a popular brand of facial tissues, or Q-Tip, which is a popular brand of cotton swab.

I just use GNOME Podcasts. Works for me.

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Could be or band-aid for any form of plaster (we say Elastoplas). I could do with some, I trod on a bit of broken glass in the kitchen earlier…

GPodder is my go to on the desktop but I mainly use it to download and archive those podcasts I want to keep.

Most of my listening is done on mobile via Podkicker.

By preference I listen to audio-only podcasts on my phone with Player FM.
Podcasts like DL en TWinL I always watch through Zoom or YouTube.

On the rare occasion I listen an audio-only podcast on my computer, I use the web interface for Player FM, because all my subscriptions are there.

I usually listen to podcasts on my phone and I use AntennaPod.

On my desktop I use GNOME podcasts.


Kodi is still my main way of digesting shows. Either by an addon or by chucking a youtube url at it.

I combine my podcast listening with all my general news checking and any other rss following. I have used https://theoldreader.com/ for years and it works great for my needs on multiple platforms. Only online, but I don’t ever listen while commuting.

“Netcasts you love, from people you trust.” :smiley:

I listen pretty much exclusively on my (android) phone and for that I use Podcast Addict

I recently got into listening to podcasts because of DLN, and I’ve found an app for android named Podcast Addict which is pretty good. Ponied up for the ad-free version as well, and have sub’d to a bunch of podcasts this morning, including DL :slight_smile:

Edit: Just noticed @david.smyth mentioned the exact same app right above me :laughing:

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I was using Castbox (and used it for a couple years), but after looking into some of the apps listed here, I have landed on Podcast Addict for the android. Also, was using Rythmbox, then tried GPodder, but now I’m on CPod for the desktop.

Great thread, love seeing what other people use!

[EDIT] (29 Oct): Switched to Pocket Casts a couple weeks ago and haven’t looked back! Great syncing across devices, features are abundant as well.

I use Pocket Casts on my phone so I just use the web ui when listening on my desktop that way it keeps everything in sync for me.

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I use Pockets casts exclusively, i have wrapped the web app to look as a desktop app. Not the most elegant solution but it works so well. And the interface is easy on the eyes.

Hands down, the best of the bunch.


I don’t use my mobile phone for padcasts any more, I don’t commute. When I did I used to use an app called DoggCatcher on the phone, and I think GPodder on my computer and move the .mp3 files (it always urked me that Android didn’t support .ogg files. These days I don’t care.

As I said up front of this thread I use QuiteRSS on my computers, I keep an exported version of the .opml file on my Google Drive and update it when I add new podcasts. I don’t suppose QuiteRSS is the best app, but it’s simple, if the embedded browser can’t handle the podcast format (looking at you all those podcasts done by Jupiter Broadcasting) it’s simple to tell it to open the external (i.e. default) browser. It works for me and I’m too lazy to go faffing around looking for “the best”… this month.

I use Nextcloud News as my RSS reader. So on my phone the podcast app is Nextcloud News. On the desktop, I use Firefox to go to Nextcloud News, once logged into Nextcloud.

I’m running Nextcloud 16 from a snap (on a VPS server), at present.

I like having my RSS feeds synced on both my phone and laptop.


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Well, since I pretty much use my phone for podcasts, I use Overcast. But sometimes when I want to try a podcast that’s hard to integrate into that, I use cmus, which is a terminal music player.

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