Pine64 Smart Watch Now Available

Just ordered mine. Get one while you can.


It’s been for sale quite a while First it was the unsealed version, and a few months ago, they started offering the sealed version

I also ordered one :grinning:

It’s a shame though that for Canada, at least, the shipping fees were ridiculous. There was only one shipping option at 30 US $ to which an added 14 US $ of DHL fees (excluding actual duty) for clearing Custom.

I hope Pine64 gives people more shipping option in the future…

Now I wait with hopes of really enjoying the PineTime

Shipping for me was $11.99 for within the US. I’m looking forwarding to getting it and finding out what can be installed on it. I would be great if KDE Connect works on it or if there is a software suite I can install on the desktop to manage it.

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Or everyone could make their own!

In this project, the guy takes an Arduino, and various modules, then removes the key components off the other boards. He had made a custom PCB where you reattach all those parts onto the single custom board.

Received mine today, charging :raised_hands:

Can’t wait to see what it can do!


I ordered mine, I can’t wait for it to arrive.


I was pleasantly surprised that @Spater received it so quickly. So I also ordered one.


Still waiting on mine. No word on whether it’s shipped but then Pine64 may not notify when it’s shipped.


As much of a fan as i am of Pine folks, I don’t (yet!) have a desire (nor bandwidth) to play or do dev stuff on this watch…I just want to get a smart watch that is functional, reasonably priced, and that i can feel good about supporting open source-friendly orgs (like Pine)…is it too early for me to get PineTime?? Looking at the marketing material for this watch, it seems like it might be geared more for dev. folks looking to hack on it, etc. If its too early for me to get this watch, can anyone recommend a not-Apple-level-priced smart watch that helps to support an org. who is open source (and Linux!) friendly?? Thanks!

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I got a notification that mine shipped on the 24th.

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