Opinions on Fedora's adoption of Pipewire

Now that Pipewire is out of the bag for a while now with Fedora’s adoption of it.
How do feel about it?
Better, more configurable than Pulse Audio?
Or don’t “hear” a difference (whether with speakers or headphones)?

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No difference for me, I’m just a regular user, so as long as it can play audio in my speakers/headset and record my Mic, it’s good.

Running Manjaro Plasma with Pipewire.


Maybe the way Fedora configures it might make a difference?

Remember Peppermint with its PulseAudio “addon” that really made a huge difference.
Not hearing many people mention that “app” or “addon”…

No real difference for me either but I’m also not doing anything sophisticated.

I do have a Bluetooth speaker that seems to operate smoother since the pipewire drop-in replacement but I never really paid attention to it previously so that’s probably just placebo.

Running Arch Linux with Plasma with Pipewire.

It has been great so far but I only listen to audio. Before I would get cracking/static from time to time and have to kill and relaunch Pulse at the CLI. Since Pipewire, perfect.

Not much difference to me other than pulse crashing in the past and having to restart it. With pipewire, I’ve never had to do any troubleshooting since it was adopted.

Have never experienced issues with Pulse before (on the many distros i’ve come to test).
But if stability in overcoming crashes there with Pipewire, then that is a huge plus!

Audio quality I haven’t heard any difference.

I do have an hdmi output I switch between a TV and a monitor using pactl. It works most of the time but occasionally it it switches to another input after switching.

It worked fine after some initial updates and just recently began misbehaving.

Simple enough to work around though.

Was just looking forward to not having to muck about with Pulse Audio and Jack on the same installation.

Sure to give you nightmares that one. And that’s before you totally Bork your sound.

I had to revert to PulseAudio due to no Pipewire support with NoMachine (remote desktop). Nomachine themselves responded to a ticket on their support page about this and how to revert to Pulse but also said they are working on PipeWire support which will be rolling it out soon. Other than that, I had no issues with PipeWire. Ardour allowed me to use Jack without doing any tweaks to Jack (or anything else) so I would say PipeWire is fantastic.

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