Opinion | Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy

Most of you apart of my community are probably already in the know on this stuff. However, I love the visual impact of this article and how it shows just how incredibly dangerous this is - yes, even for those who do nothing wrong =)


Not necessarily new to me indeed but the article expose interesting details that will come handy next time I’ll try to explain someone why it’s a big problem

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Thanks for posting his Ryan. :+1: I read the entire article earlier today after I saw your tweet, and found a few things I missed. (first Android phone I’ve ever had).

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Nothing new here. I’ve always known were currently living in an ad dystopia. Since Dec last year, I did my best to stop using services that does not respect my privacy.

This caused me pretty much withdrawing from the greater online social world. Ive tried to make friends switch to Signal but they just plain wont bother. I guess this makes me look like a snowflake of sorts in their eyes. No one even wants to know why I did it. And I was the go-to tech guy back in school (I went into a non-tech related course). So far, only my SO puts up with my “weirdness” and I am ok with that in some sense.

As much as we are aware of it, the presentation of the data in that article was pretty impactful. Such that spreading the info may prove more effective in the manner that the article presents the data. It’s hard to get the message across to the unenlightened, but may help with a message presented like this. :+1:

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