Online Photoshop Alternative

If you just have to use Photoshop image editing software, then there is an online option. It’s controls mirror the controls of Photoshop.


I use it all the time. There is also Pixlr.

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we featured this app on Destination Linux a little while back and I agree it is a great alternative. In fact, I use it almost every day. :smiley:

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As someone who used Photoshop from 1992-2018 it took me 2 seconds to know where every thing was at !

Since jumping to Linux, Over 6yrs I spent time trying to use Photoshop though Wine, using VM’s and trying to hold on to a hobby but unwilling to compromise my Linux experience. I tried in the past to use GIMP, tried again to no avail. Tried to use both side by side to try and get the grasp of the software. I gave up on the arts because of it. It was a sacrifice, but I wasn’t going to give up the Linux experience for it. Yesterday, (for the first time in years) I tried to do something that would’ve took a few minutes in PS, in GIMP. I got so frustrated that I couldn’t find how to stroke a path that I walked away from the PC :smile: . I eventually achieved what I needed but, man… Time is money is an old saying.