My Dirty Little Dual-Booting Windows 10 Secret | Linux Community Rant

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I think GeForce now is giving a compeling reason to use Linux for proper desktop stuff then leave the rest of the Windows Gaming to GeForce Now. Its sad that publishers (Activision-Blizzzard and Bethesda) want to pull out games their games there because they may roll out their own service. It feels very icky because you can only play games on GeForce Now that you already own, and you just pretty much only renting processing power and bandwidth.

Speaking of, any idea if GeForce can host my MSOffice 2016? Then again than can be easily run on any VM without any problem…

As long as Windows and Linux each get their own seperate hard drive to own and control (and they are thereby enforced to leave each other’s boot loaders alone), then I personally don’t have a problem with dual-booting: