MX Linux 19.2 Available for Download

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MX Linux has undoubtedly become one of the fastest growing distributions in recent memory. Compared to a few years ago, it is now one of the hottest topics of discussion in the Linux community. With its unique and innovative MX Tools, familiar layout, and now the Advanced Hardware Support (AHS) edition, MX has proven time…


They really need to keep the bloat down. Some of the included apps are overlapping in functionality. They should probably need to do a minimal install ISO.

I, for one, would like to see MX get more bloat, in the way of more tasteful GRUB themes, LightDM login screen themes, etc. I use MX as my daily driver, but the boot up sequence, right up to the time of login, is nowhere as visually appealing as other more mainstream distros.

I hope MX Linux can attract more “artsies”, or maybe do more “borrowing” from the other distros here.

Thats not bloat, thats customization (which is fine), what it doesnt need is several media players.

Every distro has the right for its choices so we can later decide if it is for us.

I think MX Linux is an interesting project and a nice distribution indeed that takes default Debian to another level but it is true, it is not that appealing to myself with all those custom tools (that other people love about the distro) and the ‘bloated’ app selection. But I get it.

It sure makes Debian (one of the best distributions) more accesible to absolute new users that do not care about Debian proper or do not know it.

If you find Debian too bare bones or boring and default Ubuntu too ‘mainstream’ or heavy than definitely go for it. MX Linux is a fun distribution and probably has one of the best and friendliest community out there in Linux space with very helpful and knowledgeable people.