Mint and Pop both ranked above Ubuntu on Disrowatch

So just noticed that both Mint and PopOS gets ranked just above Ubuntu on DistroWatch and wondering why, because I assumed that Ubuntu would still have a bigger install base then any of it’s derivatives, if you look at them individually.

I know DistroWatch is not a true measure of number of installations out there, and only reflects interest, as in people looking at the distro specific page in DistroWatch.
As a result we have no measure for LMDE because it is included (is a subset) of the Linux Mint distro.

Would interest in the derivatives under Ubuntu inspire more interest because Ubuntu has been here forever and is a known product, but the derivatives are seen to have something new to offer, hence more clicks on a web page.

But does not translate to more installs on physical hardware ??
Just thinking…

I used to find the stats on DistroWatch interesting until I found out how they are calculated. Essentially the numbers on DistroWatch tell us what the first clicked distribution is for a unique address per day. There is little telemetry that tells us the number of installs on FOSS and none on DistroWatch.