Linux spotted in the wild thread

So I thought I would start this thread so people could share their images of Linux being used in the wild.

Here is mine. A came across a price scanner at a pharmacy which was not responding. I pulled the power from it, and this is what came up when I powered it back on.


That’s awesome! I love stuff like this.

I’ll keep an eye out :mag_right: and if I come across anything I’ll be sure to share.

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Ultrasound machines that I’ve encountered in work usually runs on Windows. Then I’ve seen this in a clinic I’ve recently started working with.

I managed to crash it while on boot. And I see a familiar interface…

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Jesus, its on a 2.6 kernel

I know that’s old, but is there a security issue here? Does that machine talk to anything else on the network or just take pictures and print them?

Its completely offline, thank god. Its not connected to any PACS system.

Here is one I had forgot about during a visit to Mexico. Well, sort of Linux