Linux is Canada?

Any Canadians on here?
I’m in Hamilton, Ontario and sort of new to Linux and never going back.
Just started listening to DLN this past winter & really enjoy being a Linux newbie.
I’m a big comic book nerd and love going to comic book conventions… Are there usually any Linux Conventions in the Hamilton/Toronto area?



As far as I know there’s about 3 other Canuks here, including myself. I’m from the west so I can’t say anything about comic conventions over there. I know there is a Linux user group in your area, Allen Jude, from the “BSD Now” podcast mentions it from time to time.

Restrictions in my area are 85%-90% lifted (for now) so I’m looking forward to starting my own Linux User Group in my city.


There is this Anthony guy from Linus Tech Tips. He lives in Canada… So there is that…