Linux Hardware Compatability

How do I know what hardware is compatible with Linux? Specifically, I’m planning on building a new Desktop PC with KDENeon or Kubuntu. I do know of a resource by the name of, which is a service that tests the user’s PC for hardware compatibility for Linux. The problem is that some PCs fail these tests for whatever reason. I’m used to simply visiting the website, finding the specifications that states specifically which OS is compatible with that device.

AFAIK most of the usual consumer hardware within the last decade (or two) could run linux with a few caveats.

Are you using any particular exotic or unusual device/parts that may not have linux drivers?

If the live boot DLL for that OS is working then the installation will also. I’ve never had a machine which didn’t work, only some peripherals which are difficult to set up like keyboard lighting or finger print sensors, nothing to stop the system being usable.


^^^ What @gemmakaru said.

That plus a little research helps. I’d target the forum for that specific distro to see if there are any posts about the hardware in question.

I’ve found Linux compatibility is pretty good in generally as long as you’re not buying brand new. The carfuffle tends to be over distros that run an LTS Kernel so users need to wait for the next LTS for new hardware support, similarly a lot of people like their wireless drivers installed by default even if they’re proprietary, I think Kubuntu does this but not sure aboue KDENeon, they tend to be in repos either way.

The lists below may help along with your own research.


Some general links for sourcing FOSS compatible hardware.


You want to pick your wireless device by it’s chipset.

If you need AC/AX/AD the driver will be proprietry so most distros will need to have it installed manually (usually in the repo). That’s not the case with Ubuntu/Kubuntu I think as they have them pre-installed.

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