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I’ve been dragging my feet and looking at the release date for 9.0, looks like we’re already half-way through the release cycle. I was having a go with the previous version (8.4, not systemd version) and reached p232, section 7.5 on General Network Configuration, which I know almost nothing about, so I paused to do some learning.

I assume everyone in this group’s working on version 9.0? Systemd or non-systemd version, I wonder?

I’m going to have a crack at getting started with 9.0 (non-systemd) and see how that goes, posting updates on here from time to time. Should be relatively straightforward up to the networking section, at least, hopefully!

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Fri 06 Dec (Completed to end of section 2.2, p 14)

I’m using Debian 10.2 Stable, running Virtualbox 6.0, Debian 10.2 Stable guest VM which will act as host for LFS version 9.0, non-systemd.

Checked and installed required build software on VM host. Corrected symbolic links as required. Ran the test script to ensure ready to proceed.

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Mon 09 Dec (Completed to end of section 3.3, p27)

Created partition for LFS. Enabled auto-mounting. Exported LFS environment
variable for normal user and root in .bashrc. Used script to download all
source packages and patches.


So I have about a million things on my plate - but I want to do this!!!


We’re chatting with each other on this forum to encourage and support - so I hope you manage to find time for it :slight_smile: The release cycle is about six months, as I said, and we’re about half way through, so in another three months…!

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I’m also doing LFS non-systemd off Debian 10 in a Virtualbox VM, started last week, done virtually nothing so far because I’ve been doing Linux Academy stuff instead. I’m in the Telegram group but realised that I can’t really be bothered to use Telegram that much :slight_smile:


Yeah - I’m in the Telegram group as well, but it’s hard to be on Telegram often, and between log ins, I see thousands of messages I’ve missed - and I just don’t have the time to look at them!

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I meant the Linux From Scratch group that was linked in the original post, there’s only 9 members in there, but what I said is still true, and probably what you said as well except for the bit about thousands of messages :slight_smile:


Yeah, not quite as popular as the other destination linux telegram groups! Strange that eh?
My laptop suffered a meltdown, and I had to switch projects to “fix and improve the laptop” Luckily it wasn’t the computer I was doing LFS on, so that’s still fine.
I really want to just write a chroot script to auto chroot and mount everything for me, because I seem to keep having things come up that mean I have to put days between fixes. The actual original install took very little time, but the follow up stuff is dragging for me.
I used arch linux as the bootstrap distro, since you know, I use archlinux for almost everything these days. Maybe soon I’ll be using LFS! Who knows.
Obviously I’m on the telegram, but I keep forgetting to check it particularly frequently, so.


Hearing more from the guys on telegram when they complete would be fantastic encouragement - also how you’re all doing with BLFS too please!

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Fri 13 Dec (Completed to end of section 5.10, p 50)

Started building the build tools. Completed up to second pass build of GCC.


So. My eventual plan is KDE, since you know, complicated is best.
But I wanted to at least have SOMETHING to show for all the work I’ve been putting in for a few days, so!
This is being posted from within my LFS install, the picture attached is of fluxbox, with xterm, and firefox. Compiling qt as a step towards that ultimate KDE goal.


Lovely! My concerns were more about getting X off the ground, but you’re clearly well past that! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to your personalised build of Plasma :slight_smile: As I say my background’s more in development that’s why building real applications fascinates me so much :slight_smile:

If I succeed with LFS + BLFS I might seriously consider keeping it or Gentoo on some machines, and maybe even on a production machine though I’m short of suitable hardware right now…


Sat 14 Dec (Completed to end of section 5.19, p 61)

Continuing with builds of build tools, but there are rather a lot of them to do all in one go! Last package built so far: coreutils.


Sun 22 Dec (Completed to end of section 5.36, p 77)

Completed initial build of build tools, stripped extraneous data and files, changed ownership of tools, backed-up.

Sat 28 Dec (Completed to end of section 6.10, p100)

Prepared virtual kernel file systems; entered chroot environment, created appropriate directory structures, essential files and symlinks; built and installed linux API headers, man pages, and Glibc (the main C library) including testing and configuration e.g. timezone setup and configuring the dynamic loader; adjusted the toolchain to link further newly compiled programs against newly constructed libraries.

Sun 29 Dec (Completed to end of section 6.21, p122)

Completed builds, tests and installation of various build tools including GCC. This took hours to test on my PC! I think it’s the lengthiest package to build and test, excepting perhaps the kernel, so I’m glad that’s finished :slight_smile:

Thur 02 Jan 2020 (Completed to end of section 6.40, p148)

Completed builds, tests and installations of various packages, including the lexer and parser generators Flex and Bison and the Perl programming language.

Tue 07 Jan (Completed to end of section 6.51, p166)

Completed builds, tests and installations of various packages, including the Python programming language. One of the packages had to be manually downloaded as it seems the automated download script seemed to have missed it - namely the Perl interface to the XML parser Expat.

Fri 10 Jan (Completed to end of section 6.66, p 194)

Completed builds, tests and installations of various packages, including Grub and Make.

Mon 20 Jan (Completed to end of section 7.4, p 231)

Built the remaining tools and moved onto configuration files. I do not know much about networking so am not sure what to put for relevant sections of the file in section 7.5 and guess I’ll have to look into this before proceeding. Hints appreciated - bearing in mind I’m building this inside a VM which may add a further layer of complexity!


Hmm… Well, I’ve just been on the LFS website and there’s a release candidate for version 9.1. Looks like I’ll be going back to the drawing board with ambitions to build BLFS on top of version 9.1 when they’re both released. Meantime if anyone else is still interested in LFS I know I’d be interested to hear from you :slight_smile:


9.1 already? Jeez… i’m still on 8.2… lol… guess i’d better update my build system…


I think they jumped from 8.4 to 9.0. Now 9.1 is coming…!

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Anyone think it would be helpful to LFS readers if there were a channel dedicated to the issues someone using their LFS-made system as their daily driver might encounter? Things like packaging, security, desktop configuration, desktop standards that make things work between DEs, like FreeDesktop standards, upgrades, etc.

I was thinking about starting a YT/LBRY channel for such a thing.

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I think homebuild system is just great if you have the know-how and the patience. I’d certainly be up for watching that - if you start it, do please provide the link to your page. Of late DLN’s started using LBRY and I’m finding that excellent - in case setting up there’s an option you’d consider :slight_smile:

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