Linux For Everyone Videos: Now on LBRY

You can now get the L4E podcast and ALL existing and future videos at LBRY:


Finally, some non-YouTube content


Hi Jason, great to see you supporting LBRY as open source alternative to YouTube! It would be great if you could convince (or at least try to…) your DLN colleagues Ryan, Michael, Noah and Zeb to do the same.
I would love to be able to find all DLN content on LBRY and not have to go to YouTube to watch my preferred channels. Thanks for making such great and interesting content and please keep going! Greetings from Switzerland :switzerland:

@Zwygi49 @Mr_McBride TuxDigital, DL, and DasGeek have non YouTube options. TuxDigital and DL are on BitChute and DasGeek is on Peertube. LBRY could be an option perhaps though


Good to know, thanks.

Four shows, three different non-YouTube alternatives. It would be good to have DLN shows available in one alternative location. I would love to not use YouTube, but that seems impossible.

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I’m curious to know if people are aware of Invidious. I hadn’t heard of it until yesterday. It is an alternative front end to YouTube. I’m not suggesting it is a complete replacement for something like LBRY but it at least offers a way to view YT content without using YT itself.

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Any idea how it knows what I’m subscribed to without my being logged in? I’m pretty sure Luke Smith doesn’t make it to the front page of YT very often.