Linux + Coffee, Cup 2: The Super Key


Your “Metallica …and coffee for all” mug made my day. That album was the epitome of my angry teenage years. Best Metallica album, IMHO. :slightly_smiling_face:


Where did you source the closing scene? I like the noise that was made by the laser process. Can that noise be used for things? Is there a higher quality audio source? I like noises!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Ooof a little late here on this but while you were discussing coffee I was like, " Come on please one of thee guys mention aeropress…" :slight_smile:

Aeropress is an awesomely simple device.

My daily driver is the Cafe Bustelo brand which is solid. but please check out Shortwave Coffee

or Death Wish Coffee


Nice show guys - thanks!

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Hi, I’m sorry for not replying to this sooner. I’m constantly catching up since getting sick!

That last scene was sent to us by Tuxedo Computers. I do have the source files still. How can I get them to you?

Hi Jason. It’s great to hear you are recovered. No worries at all on the delay. I have had so much on my plate that creative expression is taking a bit of a back seat at the moment. will work if they are small enough to send. Otherwise, maybe a Firefox File transfer or something ad-hoc?

One thing I find weird about the “super” key is that if I were a manufacture the only reason I would use a Window’s logo on any key is if I were getting paid to have it on the keyboards I was manufacturing. I would also weigh what I was being paid to put that key on and how much money I would make or loose when compared to having my company logo on the keyboard, like Dell or Lenovo.

Ok, help yourself! These are both files we received from Tuxedo:

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Thank you Jason!

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