Linux And Coffee, Cup #1: Picking on Pop

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Nice episode and it was cool to have you riffing with another and having a discussion.

As far as System76/Pop!OS and their “subscription” concept to supporting their distro - I guess I can form a better opinion once I get my first System76 piece of hardware (Lemur Pro - set to arrive at my door tomorrow) and my taking my first stab with PopOS. :slight_smile: However I have no problem in supporting a small business and it’s open source endeavours - especially if it is a good product and helps support the community.


Hey @debaser welcome to the community and thanks for making this your first post!

Also, is EVERYONE buying Lemur Pros? :smiley:

It’s an interesting topic with a lot of wrinkles – some I’ve only just uncovered today. By way of example, WAY more people use Pop OS than are System76 hardware customers. In fact, a quick Google search shows the prominence of their software over their hardware.

It occurs to me that so many people who use Pop OS may not even be aware that System76 sells hardware, especially more casual people who aren’t “in the loop” like we are.

Thanks Jason for the welcome.

I was torn on getting a Lemur Pro or maybe even a desktop - I like their design - but I simply just do not use a desktop as much as I used to. However as crazy as it sounds - I truly like desktops and -want- to actually use a desktop more I think (anyhow…drifting off topic) Hopefully this Lemur Pro is as nice as many say it is. :slight_smile:

So is PopOS a vehicle to drive more hardware sales and raise awareness to their System76 brand - or maybe just a nice bonus by-product??

Welcome to the DLN Forum! :smiley:

in regards to PopOS, I’d say its probably a combination of both. They saw it as an opportunity to stand out and it seems to have worked quite well.