Linux 5.4, FTC vs YouTube, Android, System76, Half-Life, Kodi, Brave, MPV | This Week in Linux 88


@MichaelTunnell Thanks, Michael for a jam-packed episode! Mixed feelings about Android / Linux kernel. I guess Google must have had practical reasons for making so many changes initially. The way their whole firm works though makes me wonder if they have much long-term strategising or if they just dive head-first into things the way it excites them to do, given how much they back-track… Very annoying news, clearly about their handling of situation with youtube too. I certainly hope it doesn’t affect content here…

I have to say I’ve never liked JavaScript, especially when developers seemed to want to use it as a general-purpose language instead of just for basic scripting. WebAsm does provide far greater speed, though I wonder what they’re doing that’s that different from how Java applets used to work (which have recently been completely deprecated by Oracle) as it sounds like Microsoft trying to bring .NET as a runtime environment for the web also seems similar.

I’m not a huge gamer, but I do remember how famous the original half-life was… must be about twenty years ago now, so interesting news about this sequel :slight_smile:


Hey Michael I think I found place that twil can’t be found: gpodder.

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Thanks, will look into it but that would be weird lol