L4E Video: Deepin 20 Beta Impressions

When anyone sees Deepin for the first time, their initial reaction is always the same: “That looks gorgeous!” Indeed, Deepin is a looker. Stunning, slick and arguably the best looking desktop environment in existence. So why isn’t it my daily driver? With this week’s launch of the brand new Deepin 20 Beta, I wanted to give this distribution another shot. Here’s how it
played out…


I think Deepin is an interesting option and I’m glad they’ve put this out there. Being able to run it on an Ubuntu base is a big plus obviously. I haven’t spent enough time with it to know if I could use it every day.

It looks good, but “…the best looking desktop environment in existence”? Nah…

arguably the best looking desktop environment in existence…”

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Well, I think that Solus Budgie, Elementary OS and LXLE they all look better. Years ago people used to say that Bodhi was a great looking distro. They don’t say it anymore. Things have improved so much that, today, all major desktop environments can look great or ugly. It’s all about customization.

That’s why Jason highlighted arguably. Because it’s debatable. I found your omission of the word misleading. I’d give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you didn’t realize you were doing something dishonest.

On the topic, Deepin is gorgeous and I kind of agree with you in the sense it’s not the only one. I’ve used Deepin then Elementary then Ubuntu Budgie. To me Budgie is sleeker than Deepin but Elementary comes third dur to its MacOS likeliness. But it’s completely subjective and I’ve yet to dive in KDE :crazy_face:

Of course, it’s debatable. I took a part in this debate by saying “nah…”. And because the subject of the debate is Does Deepin have the best looking DE? and not Does Deepin have arguably the best looking DE? I let myself to ommit the word “arguable”. Which I probably shouldn’t have done. Apologies.

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