L4E Is Now On YouTube!

Linux For Everyone is now available on YouTube!
The newest episode featuring an interview with Codeweavers is up, and I’m slowly uploading the back catalog as well.

This is all thanks to a brilliant, custom bash script by @MichaelTunnell. I don’t even need to use a video editing app :smiley:

It basically takes a 1080p image, an audio file of the episode, and uses FFMPEG to generate a waveform equalizer. It’s pretty slick, and I’m pretty grateful!


Sweeeeeeeeeet, just sub’d <3

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Rock and roll!!!:guitar::guitar::guitar:

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AWESOME, thanks and enjoy!


I’m subbed - and I went back and let all the episodes run in silent so YT lists them as being fully viewed! I also ‘liked that smash button’ for you!

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Like that smash button and ring that bell!

Thanks a lot Chris!

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No - thank you for caring enough and being passionate enough to do this project!

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I have 227 episodes of a podcast I would like to move up to YouTube, can that bash script be shared? Thanks

I sent you a PM with what I’m using for DLN Xtend.

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Yeah, sorry. I am done with anything Google