Kubuntu 20.04 running very slow

I have Kubuntu 20.04 installed on an older Dell Optiplex 990, I7, 512 SSD, and 16 GB RAM. The installation was screaming for months and has suddenly slowed down considerably. The system monitor program shows little use of RAM but almost 100% CPU on all cores.

I am relatively new to Linux and chose Kubuntu because of the KDE Plasma desktop. I have it running also on Lenovo T440, no problems.

I would like to reinstall Kubuntu or go to OpenSuse version.
I would like to leave my data on the current drive and install the new OS on a new SSD.

What do you recommend?


1) I’d be curious as to what’s the run away process that is gobbling your resources.

  • if you are familiar with the command prompt, run the command “top”
    • press the “1” (one) key to toggle back and forth between Single CPU view and Core view
    • press the “P” (capital pee) to sort on the CPU column
    • Under the top of the “command” column you are looking at the process/es that is/are running wild

Does this help identify what is going on?

2) Are you asking for a recommendation for the hardware for a new SSD (like brand and size)?

3) My approach to this install would be:

  • to pull the current SSD - set it aside
  • install the new SSD
  • install the new OS onto the new SSD
  • put the old SSD back into the machine
  • mount it
  • copy your data from the old SSD to the new SSD as a backup
  • format the old SSD
  • copy your data back onto the old SSD (using it as a data drive)

Someone else here might have a better approach

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^ Good answer here, it’d be nice to know what’s causing it, may be a quick fix.

Press CTRL+ALT+T to get a terminal window

If you’d like to post it here use this:

top | head -n 13

Drag select the output, right click, copy. Then paste it to a forum reply inside a code block. Ex:

Pasted text here