Keeping Firefox and/or Thunderbird secure as possible

Does anyone “install” Firefox and/or Thunderbird directly from Mozilla’s site to improve it’s security, via downloading the .tar.bz2 and then extracting it, which then has the ability to auto update itself, or do you just use what is in your distro’s repository and call it good enough?

I am currently what the Distro releases. Most are quick to update FF anyway. Personally I would wait for the flatpak to come out soon. At least it would provide extra sandboxing support vs the distro release.

I havent checked if snaps offered FF as well. It should provide the same benefit as flatpaks.

While Mozilla is planning on offering a Flatpak installation of Firefox, I have found that most distributions are pretty keen on keeping Firefox up-to-date. The time between release and repo may vary, but is generally within a few days. I prefer to use the distro package as it part of my normal software management routine of updates and I do not have to worry about an out-of-band installation and integration.

I think it already exists.

I also prefer the distro’s version of Firefox.