Is there a Bitwarden counterpart for bookmarks?

Hi there,

I kept hearing the 3 Musketeers talking and talking about how Bitwarden is so great, so, I decided to check it out. Ok, yes, it is Great.

Now, I am wondering if I could find a similar program to keep the browser bookmarks on a sort of safe, so I can access them from any browser, similar to how BW handles the passwords.

I am currenly using a firefox-chrome extension,

That kind of does it, using Dropbox, works ok, but you know, Dropbox.

Does someone out there knows of a way to keep bookmarks like that?, this is not my language, I know it sounds funky when I read it.


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You may want something like what is already in your Mozilla browser: Pocket. But I dont think it is as privacy respecting as we want it. Ive heard of Wallabag as an alternative but it is a paid service (there is trial, but what they are asking is a bit too much).

Alternatively there are other means to do stuff:

  • You can use a notes synching tool like Standard Notes to bookmark the URL. But URLs are weird these days and doesnt want to stay the same. The URL may break over time and wont load the article you want.

  • You can also copy paste the entire site and paste the contents on Standard Notes. But you cant have images on the free tier. I havent tried to do the same on the paid tier with the rich format editor. Also copy paste is tedious on smartphones.

  • You can “print” the site as a pdf file and sync to a file synching tool like Syncthing. But this is practical only on desktop and viewing the pdf on the go on mobile devices. Unfortunately I dont know if you can do a good job in reverse from cellphone to desktop. I guess you can “print screen” the site then scroll up, print screen and repeat until you cover the entire article. Both are tedious.

  • You can save the site as HTML but it breaks a lot of things on reopening, notably the images. I also dont know how this will behave on mobile devices as well. You can save the entire page but there is so much file that gets downloaded beside it.

It might not fill the “use on any browser” but wouldn’t be simple to use the account feature of Firefox ? Of course there has to be a possibility to install Firefox on the computers you might use…

You might want to have a look at this article:

Perhaps you will find one that would fit your requirements.


One of the main advantages and reasons why Bitwarden is recommended, is that it is fully open source.
There are good closed source alternatives, primarily LastPass.

There are many closed source bookmarks sync apps, but if you don’t mind using closed source or having the data hosted out of your control, I would just recommend using Firefox Sync (which is actually open source, but not really something Mozilla has made easily available for the user to customize) or Google Sync, since they are solid and come with the browsers.

For open source alternatives, I would recommend you take a look at Nextcloud Bookmarks or Wallabag.
Both can be selfhosted or you can purchase a subscription to have it hosted elsewhere.
The Nextcloud Bookmarks sync extension Floccus for both Firefox and Chromium-based browsers can also sync to a WebDAV dir or a local file, that you can use with your own sync application.


I literally JUST finished setting up Floccus after a whole hour trying to figure it out, when I got the notif from this topic xDD.

Yep, Floccus is doing it all right, I managed to sync the bookmarks from Firefox and Vivaldi, thru the Nexcloud bookmarks app that my email service is providing. Yaaay!

It sounds stupid, but I did not want to rely on Chromium as a fallback browser, I wanted to use Vivaldi (lesser evil?), but they use a bookmark format that gets under my nerves. Seem like I can ditch Chrome now.

Yes, Raindrop also did the trick, I am gonna keep it in case I mess up this Nextcloud thing xD.

I would have take me a long time to get this done without all your input,

Thanks everyone.

never going back to windows


Remember to disable Firefox Sync, if you have it enabled, as it will conflict with Floccus.

Also, as with any sync application, it does not replace a good backup strategy, so you should probably include your browser profile dir in your backups or manually export your settings routinely.

Yeeeah, that hour that I mentioned, I learned the hard way xD

Yes, I use Rclone browser to push back ups every now’n’then, also, I’m not hosting it myself, it is in my email service, so that is another copy as well.

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