Is AMD Really The Golden Child Of Linux?

By Alan Diggs

As someone who is on a system where Nouveau drivers work quite well, I think you were fair to NVIDIA. Even though the barrier to entry is higher, you can at least use dkms or something to get the drivers you crave.

I have to say the trick seems to be providing the drivers. Maybe Ubuntu based distributions need to consider shipping the kernel and mesa as soon as it clears into Debian Testing. I was under the impression that Pop_OS! shipped with a quicker updated graphics drivers than Ubuntu. I thought newer Mesa and hwe made it in faster. I guess not.

Great article.

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Iā€™m going full AMD for my upcoming build, and the issues most Linux users experienced with Navi is definitely a concern for me.

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Had a very bad experiance trying AMD recently, so I will stay with Nvidia, its way easier to get them up and running good in games. They just need to port over raytracing and especially DLSS.

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