If you could magically create any 30-second commercial to advertise Linux and Open Source, what would be in it?

Just a suggestion:

In the middle of the pillow fight, I think an old lady with a purse should walk by, then Windows and Mac quickly stop fighting to run up and panhandle, and hound her for money, darting this way and that way around her. She gruffly dismisses them, walks off, then the pillow fight continues, and they eventually fall into the pool.

OK, here’s another idea. This commercial is aimed at males (so I guess it could be more “inclusive”), but it might be worthwhile as being funny.

Does anyone remember that Mountain Dew commercial where a man butts heads with a RAM?


Well, imagine a linux geek butts heads with the ram instead.

Just before the “winning”, second head-butt, the narrator says, “remember the old days, when men were truly men?”

Then, just after the big head butt, the narrator says, “well, Linux is like that, … albeit, on computers.”

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