How to ensure Linux compatability for AMD B450 motherboards?

Hello Hardware Addicts community!

I have decided to build my first Linux desktop PC based on AMD APUs. My goal is not to have the latest hardware, but to buy older components (such as a Ryzen 3 3200g) that will have a good “bang for the buck” now and room for upgrading later. I plan to install both Fedora 34 and Ubuntu 21.04 on the system in a dual-boot configuration.

I have started buying my components and began to wonder whether I need to be careful to select a motherboard that has great driver support in Linux. I am leaning towards AMD B450 Mini-ITX. What is the best resource for ensuring that the components (such as the included WiFi and audio) on the motherboard are supported by kernel drivers? What other issues might I encounter with Linux compatibility (e.g. BIOS updates?)

Thank you!

Realtek audio pretty much works out of the box, its the Wi-Fi adapters that occasionally doesnt work. So the best way to ensure compatibility is to use Intel Wi-Fi. Both ASUS and Gigabyte’s B450-I both have Intel LANs and WiFi (although Asus only seem to imply it has Intel WiFi, their driver page doesnt explicitly state it).


Hey Mike,

Both Ubuntu and Fedora approach driver support (beyond the Kernel) differently so if there’s a problem try both distros to help narrow it down. Between them they offer a pretty great range of support.

Someone running a 3200G here had a problem but it turned out to be a bad USB peripheral card. There’s handful of varying results on the AMD forum, one user said it’s been no issue on 4 different distros although they did call “Gnome” a disto :).

Wish I knew some good resource for this, I just use the duckduckgo shotgun approach and go hunting model#'s with “Linux” attached.


Updating motherboard firmware happens in 1 of 2 ways. You use software supplied by the manufacturer to do it which is almost always Windows-only or in some cases you can put the update file on a USB stick and upgrade it from within the BIOS itself.