How to choose a Linux distro that's right for YOU!

Switching to Linux can be tough. Not because it’s difficult to use, but because of all the distro choices! If you’re thinking about switching from Windows or macOS to Linux, here is a great tool to help you find the Linux OS that’s right for YOU! And Linux family? Here’s one thing we need to STOP recommending.


I did the questionnaire and it recommended Manjaro, which I am using in all of my machines.


And life being what it is (a state of constant change), I am now running ArcolinuxB i3 on all of my machines. Faster updates as it is closer to Arch.

The Youtube video is inaccessible by me. “An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: 9w5hC0gx9wm010Yx)”

I guess Youtube is overwhelmed right now, by all the socially distanced visitors. Imagine that!

How about a LBRY video of it?

It runs just fine when you open it directly in Youtube and it is true, a lot of embedded videos do not work on my end either since today.

Sure thing!


(OT, apologies): GIthub has slowed down a lot too, anyone else noticed that? The internet must be getting the most severe thrashing in its entire life, right about now.

Well…Although at the bottom of my choices, it did properly choose the distro I’ve been on for 5+yrs.

It did recommend Mageia and Mandriva along with other obscure distro’s, from what I know those Mageia & Mandriva are not too active if at all so there should be a bit of concern there… But cool site. The information need a little tweak though.