How do you manage your dotfiles?

I haven’t seen much discussion on this yet and I’m interested to see how community members of this network manage dotfiles.

The way I do it is with chezmoi, which integrates well with git and other version control systems. I like the way chezmoi stores dotfiles in ~/.local/share/chezmoi. I also like its templating feature when there are information you don’t want to include or for machine-specific configuration. I have yet to try out its encryption feature for private information.

How do you manage your dotfiles?


I have them in a git repo, and symlink them to their proper places.

I treat it like like one of the storage rooms inside our house. It remains hidden in the home directory and is revealed when needed.

Sometimes i outright delete things i am certain i do not need. If I am unsure, I temporarily move files to a pre-set temporary folder. If nothing breaks for a month, it is deleted.

This feels like an inelegant solution but it works for me. My mind doesnt even have an internal debate about it. It just works for me right now.

git repo. But I don’t put all dotfiles in there. Just the ones that I might have ever hand-edited (prime example, .tmux.conf), or I know some configs are in there which are actually time-consuming to re-create in the future. Some hand-edited configs under /etc also go in this repo.

I dont actually use any of these, but chezmoi is what I am considering using based on my research and the fact that it integrates with Bitwarden somehow. I have no idea how that works yet but it sounds awesome!

I have been researching this for months, I should really put it as a Software Spotlight soon :smiley:


I heard about Yet Another Dotfile Manager from Martin Wimpress (ie Wimpy from JB / Ubuntu Podcast fame, as well as the new-ish Desktop Manager @ Canonical)


I have some of them on Github because I shared them but they are old.

Nowadays I just make a backup of the most important once and also have some on an external drive. This is for new installs or system upgrades that may fail.

Gitlab or github